CentOS系统进程CPU 100%高占用率解决办法

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kipmi is supposed to run with low priority. When you say it consumes70-90% of the CPUs, is that constant (does it still consume theprocessor when they are other tasks in the process queue that shouldhave a larger slice of the CPU time) or the 70%/90% comes when themachine is idle?
A second issue to investigate is whether you have pending controllerissues (alarms of varying nature that are not resolved) and/or olderversions of controller firmware.

查看服务chkconfig 发现只有近似 ipmievd 服务,估计就是这个,跟网上资料说的ipmi有出入!

No fix required. You should ignore increased CPU utilization as it has no impact on actual system performance.



echo 100 > /sys/module/ipmi_si/parameters/kipmid_max_busy_us

In our system,after set this parameter,the cpu of kipmi0 decreased to 15%.确实执行上面命令后,所占CPU单核资源从100%降低到10%

You can try this.永久性降低
To make the changes persistent you can configure the options for the ipmi_si kernel module.
Create a file in /etc/modprobe.d/, i.e./etc/modprobe.d/ipmi.conf, and add the following content:
# Prevent kipmi0 from consuming 100% CPU

echo "options ipmi_si kipmid_max_busy_us=100">/etc/modprobe.d/ipmi.conf